Swing Top Easy Cap Glass Beer Bottles, Square or round, 16 oz

Swing Top Easy Cap Glass Beer Bottles, Square or round, 16 oz Unique “leak proof” metal clamp with silicone stopper seal. Stopper opens and closes with ease. Classic clear design makes this bottle perfect for storing your favorite home brews, vinaigrette, wines, beer, teas, and more!. Complete seal keeps contents fresh tasting for longer. Bottles are dishwasher safe!.

welcome inquiry us if like, we also can custom produce for clients.

email: sam@baolinglass.com

homebrew bottle

Clear Color
Thicker / stronger glass than typical 12 oz beer bottles
Completely reusable
Flip-top style: simplifies bottling process
No need to cap
Sturdy, steel wire assembly and thick rubber gaskets to complete the seal
Also known as grolsch-style beer bottles

MOQ: 10000 PCS

30 days for custom production.

welcome email us if interest.

750 ml Bourbon Bottle & Shot Glass

  • 750 ml Round Clear Glass Liquor Bottle for whiskey, bourbon, rum, tequila, scotch, wine, decoration or just about anything you need it for.
  • Includes Black Stopper Cork made from synthetic cork material, or T-cap
  • Also includes Red Head Barrel logo printed shot glass. Great combo for enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage
  • MOQ: 10 000 pcs.
  • custom print label is workable.
  • Email: sam@baolinglass.com

750ml 25 oz Heavy Base Glass Liquor Bottle with T-Top wholesale supplier

Heavy Base Glass Liquor Bottle in 25 oz (750 ml) Comes with 2 closure: Synthetic T-Bar Cork and Natural Cork Perfect bottles for your liquors, beverages. Different closure will help you to keep wide variety liquid in this high quality modern glass bottles. 3″ wide and 9″ high – 375 ml 12 oz Bottle also available. Decorate the bottle with your custom labels, add wine charms with liquor name on it. Great to use in your home, bar or to give a gift. our MOQ is 10 0000 bottles, welcome inquiry us~

email: sam@baolinglass.com

Amber Beer Growler Reusable Has UV Protection

Amber Beer Growler  Reusable  Has UV Protection This amber growler is reusable, made of high quality glass and helps protect your beer from damaging UV rays. Perfect for home brewing. Stands 11” high and holds 1/2 gallon (64 fluid ounces). we also has other volume and shapes growler, welcome inquiry us!

Email: sam@baolinglass.com

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